Super Saver Card - Saving You Money
If you have come to our website because you have had a problem using your discount at any Panda Express (apart from the BSU location), here is some information for you.

We contacted the General Manager over every Panda Express location from Ontario, Oregon to Idaho Falls, Idaho and got his permission to use this unlimited discount on our cards.  He has contacted every manager of every location and let them know what he approved.  He is over 51 stores and does his best to manage them. There is obviously a breakdown in communication between the managers and employees.  We are continuing to try and make sure that the information is passed on for every card we print and that every person who purchases a card will be able to use it.

We are an integral company and never include discounts on a card that have not been approved by someone who has the authority to do so.  If your card is damaged by a business (discount torn out, something written on your discount or something similar) we will send you a replacement card to use.  You will just need to email us a picture of your card or send it to us.  We will then get you a new card as quickly as possible.

Thank you for understanding that sometimes there is a miscommunication between people and please feel free to let us know of any problems you have and at which location so we can continue to work on it.

Unlimited Value!

This card simply . . . saves you money everyday.
Great Savings:
Fine Dining     Fast Food       Pizza     Coffee Shops
Hair & Nail Salons/Spas     Automotive Services
Athletic Clubs     Entertainment      Floral Shops     Electronics        Pet Services    . . . and many more

Part of the proceeds from every discount card sold goes directly to the non-profit we have contracted with. 

Click HERE to read a letter from one of the organizations we are currently doing a fundraiser for.