Super Saver Card - Saving You Money
You may have seen a sign or heard about this job from a friend. You may have even seen an ad on Craigslist or Facebook. 

We are a very unique business and there aren't others like us. Our corporate office hires teams to raise money for local non-profits in many different cities by selling discount cards door to door as a team. We believe in what we do and we pay our salesman what they are worth. We have done it for years and will continue to do what we do for years to come. We hire competent managers who believe in our cause and work to build this business.

Cache Valley (Logan) doing a fundraiser for the Cache Community Food Pantry

Treasure Valley doing a fundraiser for the Boise Rescue Mission 

Sales Team Member (14 and older)

We hire students to raise money for local non-profits by selling discount cards door to door as a team. We sell 3-6 nights per week for about 3 1/2 hours per night. We sell somewhere between the hours of 4:30 and 9 pm.(Pick up and finish times vary depending upon where you are selling for the night) Each night there are groups of 6-10 salesman who are picked up at a designated meeting location in our corporate van and are taken to the neighborhood where they will be selling. Each team is supervised by an adult Team Leader while selling each night.

You get to choose which days you work. We expect you to work 3 days per week unless you are actively involved in a sport, club or organization.   
The minimum age is 14 years old. You are hired as an independent contractor. You get paid a weekly commission of 25% - 40% depending on how much revenue you bring in for the week. Our salesman make an average of $15 per hour working part time. Some make much more.

If you are positive, honest, outgoing, energetic and motivated, this may be the perfect job for you. However, you must be dependable, responsible and have a cell phone. We pay our sales team members very well and expect dedication to this job.

with your name and the city you live in to register for the next hiring meeting in your area. If you have already texted us your name you will need to do it again after you have read all about the job. We will let you know when and where the next hiring meeting is. Parents are encouraged to attend with the applicant, however if aged 14 or 15 a parent MUST attend the meeting.

At the meeting, we do a pre-interview to see who will qualify for the job. For those who qualify we will then go over the contract and explain the job in detail. If interested at the end of the hiring meeting you can sign up to go and train with the team.

Team Leader/Manager (21 and older)

We are hiring team leaders and drivers to supervise and drive sales teams who sell discount cards door to door while raising money for local non-profits. The team sells 3-6 nights per week. Each night 6-10 salesman of our sales team meet at the designated meeting location and go in the corporate van to sell with their assigned partner. Pick up time is anywhere from 4:30 to 5 pm and they sell for about 3 1/2 hours.  

Team leaders and drivers will be picking up and dropping off the sales team at designated meeting location, taking the team to the area where they are selling and keeping them moving through the neighborhoods safely, continually checking on the team while they are selling and taking care of any immediate needs. Shift is about 5 hours per night.

You do not need experience to do this job. We will train you.

Responsibilities may include:
- Driving company vehicle safely
- Driving/supervising team while selling
Setting weekly selling schedule via email
- Filling out paperwork for corporate office
- Making weekly deposits
- Conducting hiring meetings
- Motivating Sales Team
- Tracking sales area on maps

- Be 21 or older and have a valid drivers license
- Have a clean driving record and good sense of direction
- Have people and leadership skills
- Be integral and honest
- Outgoing, friendly personality
- Very organized
- Have a smart phone

You are hired as an independent contractor. Drivers will be paid a flat rate per shift ($50) and a possible bonus depending upon how much revenue is brought in by the team.  Those who are Head Team Leaders will get an additional $50 for the week. 
If you are interested and you think you are the perfect person for this job: email your resume to

If we believe you will be a good fit for our company, we will contact you for your 1st interview which will be over the phone. If you pass that interview, we will meet with you in person.

Training begins immediately!