Super Saver Card - Saving You Money
***** CARL'S JR and Dickey's BBQ *****
If you have come to our website because you were told you couldn't use your discount card at Carl's Jr. in Idaho Falls because our company didn't have permission to put on the discounts that we did, you were mislead.  We were given permission the last 2 years from managers at these locations that approved the discounts and the owner has now decided that he will not honor them.  However, he has said that he will give $1 OFF per large sandwich purchased as a compromise. 
Dickey's BBQ will not honor the "FREE Big BBQ Pork Sandwich" on the Idaho Falls Super Saver Card with the Buckle Up For Bobby logo.  We changed who we were doing the fundraiser for in the middle of our sales in Idaho Falls but the card stayed the same.  They believe it is 2 completely different cards but it is not.
We apologize for any inconvenience that you may have trying to use your discount card.  We wanted you to be aware of these situations before you purchased a card online from us. 
We run a very integral business and NEVER put discounts on cards unless we have permission from someone who has authority to make that decision. We don't want one business owner to blemish the name of our company and the good we have done for numerous non-profits that we have spent many years building up.
Please feel free to contact us directly through our "CONTACT US" page on this website.
Over $500 In Value!
This card simply . . . saves you money everyday.
Great Savings:
Fine Dining     Fast Food
Pizza     Coffee Shops
Hair & Nail Salons/Spas    
Automotive Services
Athletic Clubs     Entertainment
Floral Shops     Electronics
Pet Services    . . . and many more
 You can also support a non-profit in purchasing a card
Part of the proceeds from every discount card sold goes directly to the non-profit we have contracted with. We have donated money to the following 
non-profits from the sale of our cards.